‘The Power Of We’ – My little sister chops her hair for charity

Moving away from home to go to university has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  With my mum being a single parent and having two younger sisters we have always been a very close family.  It is still hard to get used to now.

My youngest sister Anna, who is now 11, was mostly affected by me moving out.  We have always been very close.  I was always the favourite big sister that would pick her up from school and stop at the shop to buy her some of her favourite sweets to eat on the walk home.  So when I got a text message off her new phone I had given her for her birthday saying: “Niomi I have a big surprise for you when you come home. Xxxxx” I was more than excited to finish uni and go home for the weekend to see what she had for me.

That Friday lesson seemed to take forever! I just wanted to be home to see what Anna’s present was for me.  I started to drive home from Sunderland to Newcastle at about half four – Right in the middle of rush hour traffic.  It seemed to take me double the usual time to get home!

I parked my car and ran up to the front door to find it locked. Some one had to be in by now it was nearly half five! I knocked on the door and heard the dogs bark and someone running up the stairs, then my mum finally came to let me in.  I was so confused at what was happening.  I got lead into the living room by my mum to find a bag of brown hair tied in a ponytail in a clear plastic bag.  I was in shock! Both my two younger sisters and I have all been blessed with long thick brown hair.  Anna’s hair is a lighter shade to mine and Carley’s so as soon as I looked at it I knew it was hers.

Me centre with Carley on the left and Anna on the right

I heard someone run down the stairs, I knew it had to be Anna as Carley was still at college.  She walked into the living room and I just started crying! Her lovely long hair was cut into a little shaped bob around her face.  I wasn’t crying because it looked bad, I was crying because my baby sister looked all grown up.  “Do you not like it?” she asked, embarrassed that I didn’t like what she had done with her hair.  “Of course I do” I told her, “but why did you do it?”

Anna’s hair she had chopped off

She then showed me a website she had found while looking for different hairstyles she could get for her going to secondary school.

‘The Little Princess Trust’ is a website where people can come together and donate money or donate their hair to people who loose their hair due to cancer treatment.  The hair is made into a wig so that sufferers can carry on with their daily lives without the sympathy or questioning looks from strangers.  They work with specialist suppliers and experienced hairdressers who offer wigs tailored to the individual child’s needs to give the most realistic look and feel, as close as possible to their original hair.

Jessie J has been a big influence through the year after posting to her twitter fans that she was going to shave her head for charity. “It’s hair. It will grow back. Even if it takes two years, if it saves lives it’s worth it. Even if it’s one life that’s something.”  She’s bringing together cancer patients with her fans as well as her self to try to get a good thing recognised and hopefully make an influence on other people.

Jessie J is ready to shave her head for Red Nose Day ’13

Anna is someone who was influenced by Jessie J as well as the images on the Little Princess Trust website.  She wanted to do her part for the world.  Although it is small she wanted to feel like she had brought people together and hopefully made a little girl just like her more confident in herself.

Anna and her new hair

‘The Power of We’ helps me remain optimistic for the future.  People will start coming together and doing all they can in their own power to make a difference in the world. To keep in touch with everything going on today on Blog Action Day use the #PowerOfWe, #BAD12 and #Blogactionday hashtags across social media.




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